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Google Hackathon

A multidisciplinary team effort in developing a digital product  

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Project Overview

Problem Space

Users do not understand how their data is collected, stored, or used by online companies, and this leads to distrust and uncertainty from them

Opportunities exist to empower users through information, education, or digital tools

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10% of consumers feel that they have control over their personal information.


58% of Americans are willing to allow third parties to collect at least some of their personal data, including biometrics and medical data.

70% [of users] are willing to share even more personal data with the organizations they interact with online, so long as they believe that the exchange will benefit them.


How Might We

Create a meaningful solution to improve user privacy through data education?

More Findings
(Data Scientists)

Data sets were provided by Google for the data scientists to research and interpret in our presentation

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Primary Persona

Based on research, pain points, and goals

"Divide and conquer" was a strategy employed because of the 24-hour time limit. However, final design decisions were collaborated on and agreed upon by team members 

I provided a sketch of a persona, as we were doing research and discovery, and we discussed how to further refine him to be inline with the behaviors, goals, and pain points. 

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Industry Project - The Motley Crew 5.png

We decided on a revision that a co-UX team member finalized for us, utilizing Google's colors and adding more white space. 

Mark's Journey Map highlights pain points and opportunities for our digital product. This was referred to as we discussed possible solutions for our user, and this was developed by a co-UX designer. 

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Our Digital Solution

Extremely short on time for the 24-hour challenge, our team deliberated on solutions

Data education was the challenge, so I thought as a former teacher and suggested educational "prompts" or a bot

Our team discussed
symbols of "security"
for user data and what our caricature could look like
        ...A sword

        ...A shield

        ...A fortress 

        A ROOK! 

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Rookie's Functionality.png
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Web Design 

UX designers went to work designing pages for developers to code into the final product​

Mark's Task Flow.png
1. Landing.png
I recreated a Google search page to begin our persona's journey, and integrated the plugin icon at the top of the page
Another UX design team member created the search results page
2. Search Results.png
Frame 37.png
I created a homepage for a fictitious furniture store, which included the Rookie plugin at the top right
However, since the checkout page had more white space, and in order to create a more uniformed look, the page was recreated by a co-UX designer
3. Elles furniture landing page.png
4.Checkout with Rookie.png
The checkout page was created by another designer, while Rookie and the text box were added by me. 
The final page that links to Rookie's information blurb was designed through a collaborative effort
5. Rookie Transfer - After clicking _HERE_.png

Winner Announced

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Final Thoughts

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